Tuesday, May 31

App of the Day: Plants vs. Zombies

The hit best-selling PC game is now available on many different platforms, including Android and iOS! This featured game is a tower-defense game with many different plants that contain amazing powers in order to fight the oncoming horde of evil zombies. This game is relatively easy to play and is fun for all ages, since there is almost no violence (except for a few heads falling off). The clean graphics from the PC version have been ported over with the same quality and resolution, so you can have the same experience on your smartphone or tablet. It's time to get the app now from iTunes App Store or the Android Market.

Monday, May 30

App of the Day: Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus

This now popular game for Android devices has made its way to the top with stunning graphics and a whole lot of fun. This game gives you the perfect multiplayer experience on your Android device, where you can fight on all fronts all over the globe. There is no limit to the excitement you can get on Modern Combat 2, since there is always someone new to fight every time. Having the best graphics yet, it does require a high-end device to properly run. You can always stay entertained with this app, so you would not regret getting it now on the Android Market!

Sunday, May 29

App of the Day: SoundCloud

SoundCloud brings the entire library of music and sounds from the Soundcloud website, where users can upload their music for free and have others listen and comment it. This community has a lot to offer, from underground artists to well-known DJs. Soundcloud lets you listen on your device, with a detailed graph following you as the music goes of BPM, amplitude, and more. You can comment on a specific timeline of that graph, so users know what's going on there. Of course, you can also share and download the music for your own personal use, as SoundCloud aims to keep this community open and free. The UI lets you do the same tasks you would normally do on the website, and you can connect SoundCloud's social network to your other ones like Facebook. Get the app now from iTunes App Store or the Android Market.

Saturday, May 28

App of the Day: iTunes Remote

Want to control iTunes remotely from your Android phone? Well, you've found the perfect solution to your dilemma. iTunes Remote lets you access your iTunes library with Home Sharing through your wifi's network. If you need this to control the vibe at a party or you're simply too lazy to walk to your computer, iTunes remote can be a handy tool. It lets you change the volume, browse music, shuffle music, repeat, and do all the stuff you can normally do on iTunes. Plus, you can control your different speakers using Airport express software and speakers, giving you maximum control over your home. Get the app now from the Android Market!

Friday, May 27

App of the Day: TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio lets you listen to music from almost every internet and broadcasting radio station. If you like local radio, it will find your location and offer you all the radio stations in your area. It is so easy that you only need to click a few times to get music playing on your phone! Radio station are also grouped into genres, giving you the opportunity to explore and browse new music. Also, you can favorite radio stations to quickly open them in the future, so you never have to look for it again. The user interface is both aesthetic and

Thursday, May 26

App of the Day: Google Translate

Google Translate is there for you whenever you need it. Whether you need to order from a French café or you want a translation from a radio, Translate makes it all effortless. The voice function is perfect for use in any situation and is currently only compatible with a limited range of languages including English, French, Spanish, Japanese, and much more coming very soon. The history function allows you to review old translations you just made, and it is useful for memorizing those translations so you will probably never need to translate it again! Once you have translated your word or phrase, you can use the amazing text-to-speech function to ask your device to speak it, pronouncing it perfectly and fluently. How cool is it to be able to learn how to pronounce your word right after translating it? Get the app now from App Store or the Android Market.

Google Introduces Google Wallet

It was announced today at the Google Event in New York City: Google Wallet makes a bang with never-before-seen features that are destined to make life easier. This new service by Google along with numerous other financial partners like MasterCard and CitiBank promise a new way of payment and exchanging of cash. No longer will you need coins, paper money, or even credit cards, Google says. Using your phone's NFC card (or an NFC sticker if your phone does not yet have one), you can simply scan that card onto a reader to make a payment. The PayPass contactless payment system

Wednesday, May 25

Google's NFC Mobile Payment System "Google Wallet"

A leak from The Container Store has revealed that Google's new money transfer system will be called Google Wallet. Similar to Paypal, Google Wallet aims to make money transfer more secure and mobile. It uses NFC technology from the latest smartphones, also known as Near Field Communication, to transfer money and data as well. Your phone can now be your wallet with this technology, and Google Wallet service can make it happen. It is expected to be announced tomorrow at the Google event in NYC, so stay tuned for anything pertaining to "Google Wallet!"

Source: This is My Next

App of the Day: Music Sheet Workout

From your Android device, you are able to learn and improve your music reading skills! Imagine, you care getting a free lesson from an Android app that is both interactive and fun to use. There is a practice and a test mode, making sure you are learning the music, and a stats mode, where you can look back to see how you've improved. I guarantee that you will improve your fluency with music notes with this app, which is designed for many people to enjoy. Get the app now from the Android Market.

Tuesday, May 24

App of the Day: WordUp!

Today's app features an excellent mind training game. Essentially, you're given a square of letters, and you must connect them together to make words. Now, you must find all the words hidden in the square, even if you've never heard of them before. It's addicting, fun, and educating, but you don't want to get frustrated over a missing word you can't find! You are able to change difficulty from 3x3 to whopping 6x6 squares, and you can change the colors of the template for a more enjoyable experience. The best thing about this game is that in the end, you actually gain some new vocabulary that you can apply later on! Get it now from the Apple Store or the Android Market

T-Mobile Increases 4G Speeds to 42 Mbps Today

T-Mobile's HSPA+ service also known as 4G will double in over 55 cities over the U.S. Yesterday, the fastest speeds T-Mobile's service has reached was 21 Mbps, which is around the same ballpark as other network carriers' 4G speeds. Now it will take the leading and surpass both Verizon's LTE and Sprint's WiMax. All this will take place automatically, and T-Mobile is also making an announcement about a new modem stick called Rocket 3.0. It brings the power of 4G to your computer for $99.99 for 2 years or $199.99 forever.

Source: T-Mobile News

Monday, May 23

App of the Day: PhoneMyPC

With PhoneMyPC, you can view and control your computer easily. You only need to create a username and password on your server, which you can get from the PhoneMyPC website, put in the information on the app, and you are set! This is the easiest way to access your computer from your Android device, which you can use your phone's keyboard to send letters to your computer and also use button as shortcut keys. Whether you are on a train or you are waiting for the doctor, this app allows you to use your computer as if you were there. The interface is very organized, and you can find all your actions on the start screen. If you have multiple computers, which you can, then it will display which computer you would like to control. Streaming the computer screen to your phone might take a lot of data depending on your resolution, but it is recommended to use a wifi connection instead of using your phone's data. Get the app now from the Android Market for $14.99!

Sunday, May 22

Korea Ranks 1st in Broadband Services

     The FCC has released information of rankings of broadband access, with Korea, Iceland, and Sweden taking away 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places respectively. It is not surprising that Korea has made it to the top since it has been that way for years now. It is surprising however, that USA leads in

App of the Day: IMDb Movies & TV

If you are feeling an urge to go out to watch a movie or stay at home and watch a TV show, IMDb provides all the information you need to watch what you want. It brings all the entire database to your device, covering almost every movie and TV show out there. IMDb also gives you live showtimes for movies in your area. You can also navigate to celebrity and entertainment news, in which IMDb is a reliable source for information. With a whole collection of new trailers and old reviews, IMDb is the on-the-go movie database app. Get it now from the Apple Store and the Android Market.

Saturday, May 21

App of the Day: X Construction

X Construction brings back old Legos and creativity from childhood by designing a bridge that can support a train. This seems harder than it looks, since you have to use common sense and a little of physics to build a stable bridge. First, you are given parts, and you can arrange them in any order, as long as the train tracks are there. Then, it's all about setting up the materials in specific angles, which is the tricky part of the game. There are currently 18 levels of time-killing fun, so get the app now from the Android Market.

Friday, May 20

App of the Day: Gesture Call

Gesture Call is the fastest way to call your favorite contacts. Simply make a  saved gesture on the screen, and Gesture Call will automatically dial that person you swyped. This is way easier than the standard method of finding your contacts from a list, where you have to spend more time finding and dialing that number. Instead, why not take the scenic and speedy route? Get the free app now from the Android Market.

Verizon Will Get iPhone 5 at the Same Time as AT&T.

Verizon Wireless has announced that it will get the iPhone 5 when AT&T releases theirs. It will have global coverage, just like AT&T, but it is not likely that the phone will support Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology yet. Verizon has also announced that it will be cutting its unlimited plans, but since there are so many smartphones on this network carrier, it is presumed that there will be a larger variety of high-speed data plans. The company is also thinking about offering more family plans, so that means less money but more sharing. There's still a lot of gray space into Verizon's decisions, and we can only guess until then.

Thursday, May 19

App of the Day: Aldiko Book Reader

Aldiko Book Reader is one of the best Android e-book readers out there. It features a whole bunch of sources of free e-books and ePub domain books. If you are a major bookworm, you can import your books from other sources such as Amazon and Google. The interface is very easy to work with, and while you are indulging in your book, you can still turn each page over without getting distracted. You can switch between night and day modes, whichever one is appropriate, the change the size of the text, and even the font size and color. Aldiko is a must-have app if you love reading and want to truly enjoy a good book. Get it now from the Android Market!

Wednesday, May 18

App of the Day: Locale

Locale brings together all your Android phone's capabilities and makes a dynamic app that constantly keeps your phone's settings in sync with your environment. If you are at school or at work, it automatically keeps your ringer silent. If you are not home, it will turn off wifi and bluetooth. If you are sleeping, it lowers brightness and makes sure that it doesn't disturb

Tuesday, May 17

App of the Day: Shush! Ringtone Restorer

Shush! Ringtone restorer is a reliable way to keep your phone quiet for a while. If you are at school, at a conference, or watching a movie, you might want to turn off your ringer, but you might also want it to turn on after your business. Shush! keeps your ringer off for a set amount of time, and you can keep it off for as long as you want. You're able to set the time that it will restore the ringer and what volume it will be. Even better, the app automatically appears when you silence your phone, making it easily accessible. Even when you're playing Fruit Ninja, you can switch to Shush! Get the free app now from the Android Market

Monday, May 16

App of the Day: ³

Today's app features a new way to visualize music and your songs, albums, and playlists. If you're the type of person who is OCD about album artwork for your songs, but the album artwork from iTunes isn't compatible with Android devices, this app can download all your album artwork from various sources including Amazon Music, Google Images, and Wikipedia. There are many different viewing modes that come with this nifty app, including the original cube, Wall, a "Boring" mode, and Morph Flow. It also comes with themes such as Earthquake. All of these modes make it easy to navigate your music, and the widget is also pretty well-designed. Get the free app now from the Android Market.

Sunday, May 15

App of the Day: Adidas MiCoach

Adidas miCoach is a complete workout assistant right from your phone. It offers a variety of intensities from free running to target heart range running. Using GPS, it can track your workout, giving you constant data about how you're doing, such as elevation and speed. When you are done, miCoach automatically saves your data to the web, making it accessible from anywhere. One feature that makes it different from other workout apps is the ability to change the app's voice to either Derrick Rose or Reggie Bush! Now, how does that feel having Reggie Bush talk to you during a workout? Get the free app now from the Android Market.

Playstation Network Restoration Progress

The Playstation Newtork (PSN) has now been successfully restored in the United States, and happy times return. The restoration will now move on to other countries, such as the UK and the Middle East. Sony is trying its best to redeem itself from that fatal accident, and it is getting back on its knees. Hopefully, it will gain its prestige as a fun and reliable source of entertainment.

Saturday, May 14

New Facebook Viral Video Link

Facebook is once again struck with another security treat: a viral video is taking over and is spreading fast. It is posted as a link titled "DAD CATCHES DAUGHTERS ON WEBCAM [OMGGGG].AVI." Now, some people might click it, and some people won't. But users beware, it is not what you think it is. It sends that person to another page with a video, but it doesn't load when clicked. Instead, it asks for Adobe Flash player to be installed. Once the click button is clicked, that is when the trouble begins. Now, on that person's Wall, there will be the same exact post that he or she found. This shows just how vulnerable Facebook's security is, and its claims of upgrading it doesn't seem to be so true.

App of the Day: Feedly

     This may be the biggest new RSS reader to come. Apart from being an Android app, it is also supported by various systems including Google Chrome, most internet browsers, iOS, and Blackberry. The greatest highlight of this app includes the many sources that are available at the beginning, giving new users a variety of reliable and relevant news. It is also possible to add your own topic, and Feedly will collect as much information about that keyword and make an entire page of information that

Friday, May 13

New Apple iPhone May Be Called "4S"

The new Apple iPhone has been rumored to be called the iPhone '4S.' It may now support HSPA+, hold a dual-core processor, better cameras, and style changes. It may also now spread its availability to Sprint, T-Mobile, and China Mobile. It is likely that this information is not a joke, since that T-Mobile based iPhone prototype was released. Dual-core processors have become increasingly common in high-end phones, so that won't be much of a surprise. The new iPhone is expected to release this summer.

AT&T Asks for $6 Billion for T-Mobile to Break

AT&T will be making Deutsche Telecom pay $6 Billion as a break-up fee if T-Mobile does not agree to accept the $39 Billion purchase of T-Mobile USA. If AT&T gets a hold of the company, it will become the No. 1 US mobile service, surpassing Verizon Wireless. This 15.4% break-up fee will be the most expensive one on record. It seems like AT&T is doing everything it can to acquire the company, for economical reason, apparently.

App of the Day: Communication

The app of the day features a most useful app that will most likely save your life in one way or another. You might need help, but you can't speak because no one around you will understand: what will you do? It's time to whip out your Communication app. It translates one language from another in real time, meaning you do not have to wait while you are talking to get a translation. It translates as voice is heard, and by the time someone has finished speaking, you already know what they have said. The voice function has never worked 100% to perfection, but maybe everyone just has a different accent or speech style. Get it now from the Android Market!

Thursday, May 12

App of the Day: Google Music

Google Music is following its path that Google announced on May 10, 2011 at the Google IO to being a major competitor against other music technology out there. It promises a whole array of exciting features including cloud streaming from music stored on your account, compatibility with Apple's iTunes music, and using Android's communication skills to share your music. So far, Google Music Beta features 20,000 songs that can be downloaded for free, so if you have been invited, you are welcome to have fun with this new app, which you can get now at the Android Market.

Wednesday, May 11

2 Billion People on the Internet by the End of 2011

Approximately 30% of the world's population will be connected to the Internet by the end of the year, according to data from Reuters. There's also bad news, however. Only 21% of people in developing nations have access to the Internet, but such a tool is necessary to increase the production and economy of those nations. Schools and industries are especially key to providing internet access, which is something even developed nations are working on.

Source: Reuters

App of the Day: Google Earth

Google Earth demonstrates the true power of Android's new devices. It brings all the features of Google Earth's desktop software including terrain explorer, underwater viewer, outer space viewer, 3D buildings for optimized tablets, and much more! Using GPS, it can detect your location and make relevant searches for you including restaurants, stores, and movies. It is just like the Google Maps app, which caches your tiles, so if you get disconnected from your network, you are able to reload your cached tiles of maps quickly with no trouble. It's time to get this free app now from the Android Market.

Tuesday, May 10

Android Market Movies Section Opens

The time has come: there is now a section called Movies in the Android Market! Now featuring the latest movies coming out on DVD and thousands of other flicks, the Movies section includes a whole range of formats to meet the Android user's needs, from small resolutions for classic devices to the HD experience for the latest devices. Google Movies loans these movies out for users to rent for a limited time, but the prices are pretty reasonable and sometimes even ridiculously cheap; it ranges from $2.99 to $3.99. But no matter what you are looking for, check out the Movies section if you want to spend an a good hour of entertainment!

Google Music Beta Announced: It's Not a Hit, Yet.

     Google has announced a new feature today at the Google IO Conference, Google Music. It introduces cloud music service that enables its users to upload their music, download their music, share their music, and listen to their music all from Google. Working with record labels, Google has a library of over 20,000 songs for free that is available to people who are in the Google Music Beta group. If you don't have one right now, you can get your own at www.music.google.com.

     Yes, it sounds so exciting to hear that Google will be able to dominate the music industry..not really.

App of the Day: Gmote 2.0

Gmote turns your phone into a remote control for your computer, making it a mouse, keyboard, bluetooth device, file storage, music player, blackberry, blueberry, anything you want it to be. You can control PowerPoints, send webpages, and much more with only a Windows or Mac server. This is a great alternative to expensive wireless keyboards and mouses needed to control a computer TV. So, it's time to get this FREE app now from the Android Market.

Microsoft Acquires Skype for $8.5 Billion

Microsoft and Skype have finally broken the ice by announcing that Skype, the software that allows users to make voice calls and chats over the Internet, has been sold to Microsoft Corporation for a sum of $8.5 billion. This is great news for Microsoft,

Monday, May 9

AIM Teams Up With Google Talk

AIM and Google Talk have finally joined together, supposedly creating a mass celebration for teenagers. No longer will you have to log in twice to get both accounts online. With this in mind, we can be happy to save a few seconds and use it somewhere else.

Source: AOL

Changes in Company Brand Values For the Last Year

This last year has seen major changes in the values of company brands. Apple has now taken number one as the world's most valuable consumer-based brand. It has overtaken Google and IBM, which lag behind Apple by

App of the Day: Dropbox

Dropbox for Android brings its networking capabilities and communication to the front. Dropbox allows for easy transfer of files onto your account, and from there, you can access that file from any computer, phone, etc. That is so easy anyone can do it. If you can't transfer files from your computer to your phone, for example, simply upload them to Dropbox, and you can access them from your phone. Get it now from the Android Market!

Saturday, May 7

App of the Day: Ringdroid

Save time and money with Ringdroid, an app that creates ringtones, notifications, and alarms for your Android phone for free. The simple user interface allows anyone to make a ringtone from you sounds and songs on your phone. You can edit the sound's duration, edit when it starts, set its pitch, and so much more. The interactive moving graph shows you how loud and how long the sound will be, so you can truly make the perfect ringtone. Get this free app now from the Android Market!

Friday, May 6

App of the Day: Pandora® Internet Radio

Pandora's radio app for Android has become one of the most popular apps on the Android Market, and it has proved that it is worthy to be up there. For those who have no idea what Pandora is, it is a free internet radio station that allows you to personalize what you want to listen to. Find you favorite song, artist, and albums, and Pandora will find similar music of the taste and make a station. Everytime you listen, you are able to like or dislike it, and Pandora will continue find the perfect

Thursday, May 5

App of the Day: TubeMate Youtube Downloader

TubeMate makes downloading and converting your videos to MP3 painless and fun. The app allows you to download your favorite videos from YouTube in a wide range of dimensions, from tiny to Ultra HD. The downloading client gets the jobs done at turbo-speeds, raising your normal download speed by up to three times! You can then convert your videos to MP3 for on-the-go listening with a tiny third-party app, MediaConverter. It's free, so get it now on the Android Market!

Wednesday, May 4

Nintendo Cuts Wii Prices With an Extra Bonus

Nintendo has announced that it will cut its prices down to $150, and in addition, it will be adding a free Mario Kart with a free Wii Wheel. The featured free games from before, Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resorts, will no longer come with the Wii. Nintendo has also brought down prices of some of its new Nintendo® Selects collection of games, such as The Legend of Zelda™: Twilight Princess to $19.99! Check out the full press release below:

Nintendo Unveils New Wii Package at $149.99, Launches 'Nintendo Selects' $19.99 Wii Games

Having Fun with Family and Friends Just Became More Affordable than Ever With New Suggested Retail Pricing

REDMOND, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nintendo is dropping the suggested retail price of its Wii™ system to $149.99 and including a Mario™ game with the Wii hardware. Starting May 15, the newly priced Wii system will come in either black or white with the Mario Kart™ Wii game and a matching colored Wii Wheel™ accessory, replacing the previously included Wii Sports™ and Wii Sports Resort™ games.

Also on May 15, Nintendo launches the new Nintendo® Selects collection of Wii games, a set of popular games that millions of people have already experienced, at a suggested retail price of $19.99. The four must-own games in this collection are The Legend of Zelda™: Twilight Princess, Animal Crossing™: City Folk, Mario™ Super Sluggers and Wii Sports, which is available for the first time as a separate software purchase. Parents and video game fans can now easily expand their library of fun, family-friendly Wii games.

"From the day it launched, Wii has let players of all ages and experience levels have fun with one another," said Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime. "The new suggested retail pricing for both the hardware and select games will help create more of these magical moments for even greater numbers of people."

With Mario Kart Wii now included with the Wii hardware, players will be able to enjoy fun go-kart racing with Mario and all his Mushroom Kingdom pals right out of the box. The Wii Remote™ Plus controller, Nunchuk™ controller and Wii Wheel included in the package will all match the hardware, meaning they will be either black or white. The new black Wii Wheel will also be available separately at a suggested retail price of $9.99.

Remember that Wii features parental controls that let adults manage the content their children can access. For more information about this and other features, visit http://wii.com.

About Nintendo: The worldwide pioneer in the creation of interactive entertainment, Nintendo Co., Ltd., of Kyoto, Japan, manufactures and markets hardware and software for its Wii™ home console, Nintendo 3DS™ and Nintendo DS™ family of portable systems. Since 1983, when it launched the Nintendo Entertainment System™, Nintendo has sold more than 3.5 billion video games and more than 577 million hardware units globally, including the current-generation Wii, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi™ and Nintendo DSi XL™, as well as the Game Boy™, Game Boy Advance, Super NES™, Nintendo 64™ and Nintendo GameCube™ systems. It has also created industry icons that have become well-known, household names such as Mario™, Donkey Kong™, Metroid™, Zelda™ and Pokémon™. A wholly owned subsidiary, Nintendo of America Inc., based in Redmond, Wash., serves as headquarters for Nintendo's operations in the Western Hemisphere. For more information about Nintendo, please visit the company's website at http://www.nintendo.com.

Note to editors: Nintendo press materials are available at http://press.nintendo.com, a password-protected site. To obtain a login, please contact Deanna Talamantez at 213-438-8742 or dtalamantez@golinharris.com. Users can receive instant Nintendo information by subscribing to the site's RSS feed.

App of the Day: Human Japanese

Human Japanese uses your smartphone's features to give you the best and fastest way to learn the Japanese culture and language! Giving you tools such as animated brush strokes, matching quizzes, text-to-speech function, Human Japanese is one of the most interactive and complete teaching tools. For only $9.99, the app is tremendous value, for it will give you the gift of Japanese. Get it now on the Android Market.

Tuesday, May 3

App of the Day: My Tracks

Google puts its Maps to the use with My Tracks. If you are an athlete, runner, and biker, this app will allow you to keep track of all your workouts and distances you covered. Using GPS, it tracks your workout calculating speed, elevation, and distance. After the workout, you can find what rate your were going, the workout compared with other workouts, and the log will be uploaded to Google Docs, Google Fusion Tables, and Google My Maps, so you can share with everyone and never lose your logs! Get it now on the Android Market!

Monday, May 2

Adobe Announces Adobe CS5.5

New features come along with a new version of the Adobe CS5.5 line. Now, Adobe is focusing on mobile software development as well as HTML5. The compatibility of mobile phones that includes Android, iOS, and Blackberry allows app development on the professional level. Although it has not been released yet, you can pre-order it or wait for more news at Adobe.
Source: Adobe Systems, Inc.

World's first Hydrogen-Powered Remote- Controlled Car

Ever wanted to use that trash that you have to take out as energy for your car? Well, the dAlH2Orean was built by folks over at

App of the Day: Stitcher Podcast Radio

Mix in all the radio apps that you have right now and you have brewed yourself an efficient app that handles all your on-demand and streaming podcasts without any trouble, Stitcher Podcast Radio. Stitcher allows for stitching all your favorite live podcasts into a playlist that updates itself all the time, so you will never miss out. Whether you need it on-the-go or if you are just looking for entertainment, Stitcher allows anyone of all interests to use it with a library including 5,000+ of the top podcasts. The UI is incredibly accessible and allows you to easily find and organize all your podcasts. Get it now on the Android Market!

Sunday, May 1

App of the Day: Speedx 3D

Speedx 3D's utterly astounding graphics demonstrate the true potential of high-end devices of now. this game takes you through a thrilling experience

Playstation Network Getting Restored Soon

Sony has announced that its network will be up and running soon. After many days in the dark, the company promises a sorry gift: a 30-day free subscription to Playstation Plus and Qriocity. By the end of this week, everything will go back to normal, but the scars of the injury may remain.

Adidas Megalizer, Shoes of the Future

These new shoes will change the future! The creator, Didier Brun, has combined technology and music together in perfect harmony. He has also shared his works in French Adidas stores, where people were allowed to try them out. Hope someone makes something like this for the public soon!