Sunday, April 15

App of the Day: Instagram

It's here! Instagram has finally been released for Android devices. This social network app lets you share your life through photos! This is going to be big, so get it now at the Google Play Store.

Sunday, April 1

An App You Must Have: Cloud Print

If you are looking for a solution for printing documents, pictures, web pages, etc. from your Android device, then look no further than Cloud Print. This app provides all the tools you need to print to your nearest wireless printer, or a computer connected to Google's Cloud Print service (which will need Google Chrome to be open on a computer). This might not solve all your problems, but it is one giant leap forward in terms of printing accessibility! This app is still in beta mode, so there will be much more stability to come in the near future. Get it now at the Google Play Store for free.

Saturday, March 24

App of the Day: ASTRO File Manager

Astro File Manager is one of the best file managers around! Not only does it provide easy access to every folder and file on your Android device, there are also plenty of tools that come with it, such as the app manager, the task manager, and its own cloud file system! If you are a file fan, you should look no further than ASTRO! Get it now at the Google Play Store!