Saturday, April 30

App of the Day: Launcher 7

Microsoft's Window 7 OS has quite a lot of features that many of us Android users may want, and Launcher 7 brings the user interface to the Android platform. Launcher 7 brings the simple yet effective interface, with organized spaces and provides easy access to the apps you use everyday. You can even change the interface around, so it doesn't have to look blue all over, or to get whatever order you want. There is a slightly major con: it uses more memory than the stock launcher, so make sure you have enough. Get Launcher 7 now on the Android Market!

Google Changing its Game Plan

Google, now under Larry Page, is now focusing in a different direction than it was under CEO Eric Schmidt. Google will now look atthe engineering and search engine prospects instead of mobile, which is not surprising. Larry Page was an engineer

Friday, April 29

Samsung Galaxy S II May Be The Best Android Phone Yet

The Samsung Galaxy S II can be dubbed "The Best Android Phone." Boasting the highest specs in all tiers, this phone gives its user both power and beauty. Running Android 2.3.3,

Welcome to Teens Tweaks

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