Thursday, June 30

App of the Day: APNdroid

If you don't have a data plan and don't plan on ever paying a penny for extra data charges, APNdroid  can help prevent any hidden data fees from appearing on your bill. You can turn off every APN that connects to your data or data roaming networks and makes sure you cannot access your mobile networks. It's pretty neat because you know you're not going to use it anyways. To save yourself from potential data costs, get APNdroid now from the Android Market!

Wednesday, June 29

Google+ Beta Released

Google+, an attempt by Google to make its name into the social networking industry, has been released in its beta mode. Right now, it mimics features other social networking sites like Facebook and Myspace have on their services such as the like button (Plus One in Google+), notifications, and sharing of all kinds of media.

The hit feature called "Circles"

App of the Day: Push Ups

If you always wanted to do many push-ups in a row, Push Ups is your own personal trainer to get you started. Every day, Push Ups will give you a set of push-ups to do to reach your desired goal, which you can set to anything, from 50 to 125. Now, you have to work on it every day, or you're just working in vain. If you want to get fit and show off those push-ups, get it now from the Android Market!

Tuesday, June 28

Innovative Switch Plug Saves Power

When you're not using that power-hungry AC or home theater system, you don't want it to suck extra juice from your house. That's why the Switch Plug  comes in handy: it lets you prevent any electric current from passing through while the switch is off. The LED located around the Switch Plug also notifies you if any electricity is passing through while it's on. You no longer have to plug that vampire appliance out and back in continuously, saving you time and pain medications.

App of the Day: DroidCam

With DroidCam, you can turn your Android phone into your own high-graphics webcam. Both the video and the audio works perfectly fine with almost every chat software (except gTalk, still being fixed). Plug it right in and turn on your computer program, and you have it perfectly working, and it registers on your computer as a webcam! The app connects your phone through wi-fi/LAN, adb, and even bluetooth. If you are in need of a webcam, get this app now from the Android Market!

Monday, June 27

App of the Day: Game Dev Story

Yet another exciting tycoon game, Game Dev Story brings the suspense and money from making your own video game, where you can personalize it from beginning to end. Once you customize the video game to be the most popular and best-selling game, the ratings will come in to determine your stats. It's a fun way to design your own video game without the stress. Get it now from the Android Market!

Sunday, June 26

App of the Day: TapeMachine

TapeMachine is a decorative way of recording audio, and lets you play with a virtual tape machine with an interactive graph. Simply press the record button to get the everything rolling, and voila, you are being recorded! The graph is simple yet practical, giving you the audio's statistics so that you understand it. Play back your audio, rename it, and share it with ease with its simple and clean user interface. The only thing missing is you, so get it now from the Android Market!

Saturday, June 25

App of the Day: Cloudskipper Music Player

Cloudskipper is one the of the easiest and most sociable music player out there. Not only is it small and compact, it also boasts a super smooth interface with very interactive controls. It has all the tools you need to customize your audio including bass and treble control and equalizer. With beautiful widgets and easy control of your music, Cloudskipper has become a popular alternative music app for many users. Get it now from the Android Market!

Friday, June 24

App of the Day: Bug Village

Keeping bugs was a hobby many children enjoyed in the old days. Today, the Bug Village app brings back those experiences. In Bug Village, you get to take care of ants and bees and watch them prosper in their everyday work. Make piles for the ant and flowers for the bees and feed them regularly, and you will see happy and healthy bugs in your own virtual backyard. Get it now from the Android Market or the iTunes App Store!

Thursday, June 23

App of the Day: c:geo

Love geocaching as a hobby and a cool way to spend time? You might want to take a look at c:geo, which turns your phone into a geocaching beast. With your phone's GPS, c:geo can take full advantage of it by giving you an interactive map of surrounding caches. You will be able to locate them, post about it, and upload pictures of it. By signing in to your account, you will be able to play with your friends and battle it out. Too bad they will lose because you have such an awesome app on your side. Get it free now from the Android Market!

Wednesday, June 22

Games At Google Revealed

Google has now taken some steps into its own gaming industry, where job postings have already been seen. Now, how will Google take some glory in this already busy sector of technology? For now, all we know is that Google is aiming for social games like Zynga and others in Facebook and Myspace. There must be something brewing, since Google has teamed up with Zynga back in 2010. It is very likely that Google may even be planning something for Android and Chrome OS devices. For now, we can only wait.

Source: Google

Tuesday, June 21

App of the Day: GasBuddy

If you are in need of cheaper gas, GasBuddy is app to quickly find the cheapest gas around your area. You don't need to do anything: GasBuddy will automatically find your location and give you the the places of the cheapest gas prices. Also, whenever you look up the gas prices, you are automatically joined into a raffle for a $250 gas card given out every week, courtesy of! If you want to feel richer, get GasBuddy now from the Android Market.

App of the Day: Fun Torch

Fun Torch turns your phone into any kind of flashlight you want it to be. You can transform your surroundings into a more colorful place with this app, where your phone takes on many colors and shapes and becomes a very entertaining app to have. It uses your phones screen light and LED to bring the most vibrant colors, and you will be amazed when you see each and every awesome theme. Whether you want glow sticks or a lantern, Fun Torch makes your phone into one amazing and colorful stick. Get it now from the Android Market!

Monday, June 20

App of the Day: Chrome to Phone

Chrome to Phone brings your computer so much closer to your phone and brings their two networks together with one app. If you have the Chrome extension of Chrome to Phone and the app itself on your Android device, you can now bring any webpage to your Android device. Whether it's a map direction, phone number, e-mail, or even a calendar event, Chrome to Phone will open up the correct app to run that object. Now you have your directions, webpage, etc. on your phone and can bring with you on the go. Soon, it will support the transfer of cookies and

Sunday, June 19

App of the Day: Gem Miner

Gem Miner is an addicting game, period. You spend your time simply digging your way to the bottom of the ground. Down there, you can find gems and minerals of all kinds, from coal to diamond. You can also find hidden artifacts and miscellaneous stuff. If you are bored and want to kill time, this is a good experience that you may find very appealing. Get it now from the Android Market!

Saturday, June 18

App of the Day: Newsy

Newsy brings your news in a different way. All your sources are brought to you in each article, so you can understand the news through many perspectives, including videos and text. If you are more curious about the article, you can find even more sources that may be available, and Newsy's user interface makes it easy to do what you want. If you want a new award-winning news app to try out, get Newsy now from the Android Market.

Friday, June 17

App of the Day: Photoshake!

Here is one great idea: how about we play with different photos and make one cool photo out of it? PhotoShake does just that, and it is a fun and creative way to make your pictures even more memorable. You can select a theme for your photo mesh, and fully customize whatever you want. This is one app that is still in progress, so expect it to become more reliable and even better in the future. Get it now from the Android Market!

Thursday, June 16

App of the Day: Skyfire Web Browser

Sometimes, your mobile browser just isn't enough to give you the best experience from mobile browsing. If you need a new browser, look no further than Skyfire. Skyfire gives you complete control over your browsing experience. You can change your user agent to Android, iPhone, desktop, etc, set preferences on Flash objects, and integrate other social apps such as Facebook right to the browser. Plus, you can even get plugins for the browser, bringing it one step closer to an actual desktop browser. With so much more features that make this browser so much more sophisticated than the normal mobile browser, it's time to switch by getting it from the Android Market or the iTunes App Store.

Wednesday, June 15

App of the Day: Spaghetti Marshmallows

If you ever played with spaghetti and marshmallows together, you would love this amazing childhood game. In Spaghetti Marshmallows, you can build almost anything you want with just spaghetti and marshmallows. You have to overcome marshmallow-eating frogs, leap over walls, and even harder tasks in order to place a marshmallow in a certain location. This is easier said than done, because you have to depend heavily on your creativity rather than common sense. This is one addicting yet proactive games out there, and the best thing is that it is suitable for all ages. Get it now from the Android Market!

Tuesday, June 14

App of the Day: The Coupons App

Who wouldn't like to save a little bit of money everyday? The Coupons App gives you great bargains everyday, from discounts to free trials. It's easy to access and find whatever you want with this fun user interface, and you are able to make your life easier with the homescreen widget that allows you to get your coupons without even opening the app. Coupons have never been so easy and fun with all kinds of coupons such as free Redbox movies and Taco Bell to discounts on restaurants. Get it now from the Android Market!

Monday, June 13

App of the Day: TerraTime

TerraTime is a great interactive app that lets you see the world through many perspectives. You are able to look at planet Earth from the satellites' point of view and see everything in real time. Using these satellites, you area also able to see the world through many other modes, where you can view city lights, sea ice, clouds, and many others. This is a fabulous experience to get to know your planet better. Get it now from the Android Market!

Sunday, June 12

App of the Day: Soundhound

If you hear a song during your first kiss, but you do not know what it was called, you may be in big trouble. Fortunately, Soundhound is a miracle app that can find any song in the world. Whether you hum it, mumble the lyrics, or tap the rhythm, Soundhound can detect whatever you want flawlessly. In less than 10 seconds, Soundhound will give you all the information you could ever want about the song, its artist, album, and musics videos of it. After that, you may want to share it with your folks, so Soundhound can let you share it via e-mail,text, or bluetooth. If a song randomly pops up on the radio and you are curious, but you dont have time, the Soundhound widget may save your behind. When you are in the car and open up the app, your Android device can record via the widget which is on your homescreen (sorry iOS devices). Get this app now from the Android Market or the iTunes App Store.

Saturday, June 11

App of the Day: Robotek HD

Hexage once again brings a whole new world of mobile gaming full of the best graphics around. In Robotek, the world has been taken over by robots, forming a new rule, but a small group of humans are determined to bring it back. You essentially play by taking turns attacking each other with small robots on your side. Every turn, you take your chance with three random slots, and there are three modes of gameplay, summon, defense, and ability. I have to say, though, that this game is rigged.

Friday, June 10

App of the Day: GPS Test

If you were ever to get lost in the middle of nowhere with no data, no car, and no one beside you except your Android device, your GPS would be the only thing to save you. What if you suddenly found out that it didn't work? That's why GPS Test is an important app in making sure your GPS is fully functional before heading out to the wild. GPS Test makes sure that your GPS has enough satellites, checks up on its accuracy and your compass' accuracy, and other important stuff. It gives you your longitude and latitude, so you can use that to get back to homeland. When GPS is working, you can use Maps and your GPS together to make sure you are heading back to your home. Because you never know what is up ahead, it is better to be safe than sorry with GPS Test, so get it now from the Android Market.

Thursday, June 9

App of the Day: Poynt

If you ever need a quick way to find a film to watch or a restaurant to go with your folks, Poynt provides all the tools to get it going. Poynt's app gives you the places you are looking for, and it makes sure you get what you want and where you want to go. It gives you contacts to make sure everything is going the way you want, and by the time you arrive at that shop, cinema, or restaurant, you do not have any worries at all. With Poynt's widget, you can get information on the best movies, restaurants, and etc. around your area using GPS and location. If you're craving an easy way to get things done, get Poynt now from the iTunes App Store or the Android Market.

Wednesday, June 8

App of the Day: Fruit Ninja

Ever since it first came out in April of 2010, Fruit Ninja has been a hit across all its platforms. Created by Halfbrick Studios, this game is highly addictive and always competitive. Essentially, you are the fruit ninja, whose job is to cut all the fruit that appear on the screen. They are thrown up by some mysterious force, and once it appears, you slice it! The only thing you should mind is an occasional bomb that comes ticking up; slicing that leads you to game over. It is made to appeal to all age groups, from the young toddler to the old and elderly. By gaining rewards and playing more, you can unlock fun stuff including different colored swords and achievements. If you've not played this before, you're truly missing out on what your friends are spending their time on. Get it now from the Android Market or the iTunes App Store!

Tuesday, June 7

Nintendo Wii U Announced

The Nintendo Wii U, the sequel to the popular video game console known as the Nintendo Wii, has just been announced by the Nintendo Press. It boasts all the new features that have long been rumored, such as the new Wii U controller that has a microphone, gyroscope, accelerometer, dual analog controls, a front facing camera(!!!), and a touchscreen. New features also include a whole new redesign of the console as well as the inside's hardware. The graphics

App of the Day: S.O.S.

Made by the American Red Cross, S.O.S. offers emergency care tips and guides, rendering yourself useful in times of danger. Bringing an interactive user interface to your device, it asks relevant questions to your emergency, and intelligently understands the situation. It then gives you a walkthrough, step by step, to dealing with the problem. Now, it might seem awkward and impractical sitting there with your phone, but in times of danger, you must multi-task and get everything done. This app is guaranteed to be a serious and useful tool you might want to keep handy. Get it now from the Android Market!

Monday, June 6

App of the Day: Pageonce - Money & Bills

Pageonce is a time and money saving tool! Bringing all your bank accounts, bills, investments, and other financial paraphernalia, you can deal with everything with one app! Pageonce allows you to make sure you are on top of all those monetary problems so you don't have to. This app will help you save all the money you may lose from interest or hidden fees, which you probably never want. If that is the case, get it now from the Android Market or iTunes App Store.

Sunday, June 5

App of the Day: Facebook

Of course, you may have a Facebook account. This mean you can use Facebook for mobile to turn your phone into a social machine, where all your folks can connect with you whenever, wherever. You can take pictures and upload them on the go, comment and chat with your friends, and see what they are up to. All the features from the browser website is handily brought to your tablet or phone. This is one app that might be one of the more practical and used ones. Get it now from the Android Market or on iTunes App Store.

Saturday, June 4

App of the Day: Widget MorningCall

If you are the sort of person who enjoys a good night's sleep, but in the morning, you refuse to wake up even with an alarm clock, this widget might make a difference. Widget MorningCall is a widget on your home screen that is like any ordinary alarm clock in which is simply rings at a certain time. But additionally, if you want to turn it off when it rings, you must enter a 4-digit code. This might be easy for most people, but it can also prevent most from going back to sleep. The widget is very practical using only 1x2 space. You might want to consider the difficulty of your code, too, since your alarm may go on for a long time. Get it now from the Android Market!

Friday, June 3

App of the Day: Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player brings seamlessly streaming flash media to your Android device, whether it be a video or even a game. You can do all that with just this app, which is the ultimate app that brings your device one step closer to becoming your computer. It can be entertaining, whether you want to play Balloon Towers Defense, and it can also be productive, like loading that flash video about chemistry. You can never go wrong with this app, where in 10.3, Adobe Flash has spread its compatibility to Tegra tablets and other Android devices. It is still ambivalent whether iOS will ever be getting support, though. For now, this app is available in the Android Market.

Thursday, June 2

App of the Day: Barcode Scanner

You're going shopping or just walking around, and you see a product that has a high price tag on it. What do you do? You can whip out your phone's Barcode Scanner app and scan that product's price tag! Using Google Shopper, you can find the product and where to get it for less than that place you saw your product. With Barcode Scanner, you can even scan those QR codes becoming ever so popular. Whatever the barcode is, this app can decrypt almost anything without trouble. You can open up a Youtube link, find a location, connect to wifi, all through this Barcode Scanner! It's amazing to see the power of a barcode scanner, yet it is such an ancient tool. Get it now from the Android Market!

Wednesday, June 1

App of the Day: Lookout Mobile Security

Lookout Mobile Security is the app you need to ultimately protect your phone. Whether it's malware or suspicious apps, or even if you've lost your phone, Lookout will provide you with the tools to quickly defend it. Its Security feature makes sure every app you've installed is safe and does not contain any harmful files, and also checks your network to make sure none of your data is being picked off from someone else. Lookout's service will always be online, and you never have to worry about it not doing its job. You also have a Backup feature, where your contacts, phone logs, and even your media can