Tuesday, July 26

App of the Day: Stardunk

Stardunk brings basketball to outer space with your earthling rivals! Bring your competition to the stars with the game you know and become the best player of the universe. Whether you're playing with your friends by your side or against you, the game will bring entertainment to your phone. Get it now from the Android Market or the iTunes App Store!

Friday, July 22

App of the Day: Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup will let you make backups of all your apps and their data, so you will never lose your save data from Angry Birds or any other app! It stores all the data into your SD card, so it will always be in your phone ready to be restored. For ease of use, there are batch file options to do everything at once; restore and backup all you want! Get it now from the Android Market!

Thursday, July 21

App of the Day: They Need to be Fed

They Need to be Fed introduces a feeding frenzy to keep some monsters full! In this interactive game, the objective is to feed some monsters by moving them through a world full of food with your phone's touch screen. It is fun for anyone of all skills since in this world, you can never fall off! You simply keep falling into another plane, which leads to another plane, etc. By keeping your monster full, you can go on into new worlds and harder levels! Get it now from the Android Market!

Thursday, July 14

App of the Day: Gameboid

Remember those classic games from your Gameboy series of game players? Well, there's now an app to play all those cherished games from the past. Not only will you be able to use a fully functional keypad to control your games, you can also use bluetooth to connect a controller of your own! Of course, with the Pro version, you will be able to save your state anytime! Get it now from the Android Market!

App of the Day: Cut the Rope

If you are looking for a more innocent and friendly game, then look no further than Cut the Rope! This addicting game introduces a character named a creature named Om Nom the candy he so desperately wants! All you need to do is cut the rope that it is hanging from. As you progress, obstacles start to get in the way, and the game becomes more challenging. From breaking bubbles to collecting stars, it's more than just feeding your Om Nom! Get it now from the Android Market!

Wednesday, July 13

App of the Day: Digitally Imported Radio

Electronic fans rejoice: Digitally Imported Radio brings the the electronic music party to your Android device. World-famous DJs and artist have brought together one of the biggest compilations of music in one little app, where you can stream the hottest electronic music. You can find a variety of different genres, from trance to ambient music. The app has a fully accessible interface that gives you information as well as music, giving you insight on the music you're listening to. Get it now from the Android Market!

Tuesday, July 12

App of the Day: Urban Dictionary

If you've lived in a place long enough, you might know all the urban slang and phrases that may happen there. But if you are going somewhere new, you will probably not know what they're talking about. Unfortunately, a standard dictionary won't help you there. By getting the Urban Dictionary app, you are preparing yourself for whatever may appear in a conversation. Get it now from the Android Market!

Monday, July 11

App of the Day: The Periodic Table

For the scientific minds, the Periodic Table gives you all the elements and its properties. Giving you the full chart, you can easily access your desired element and read up on everything there is to know about it. Additionally, there is a little fun fact for every element in the periodic table, just to give a little extra juice to your brain's hard drive. Get it now from the Android Market!

Sunday, July 10

App of the Day: Bluetooth File Transfer

Take advantage of your bluetooth's capabilities now with Bluetooth File Transfer. It lets two smartphones or Android devices send files to each other via a bluetooth connection. This is a very fast method of data transfer, so you don't have to worry about transferring huge amounts of data. For the transfer to work, though, both devices have to be running the app with the same port number, and for your information, it's an Android app. Get it now from the Android Market!

Saturday, July 9

App of the Day: Google Sky Maps

Google Sky Maps brings you the night sky to your phone, giving you the entire map of the heavenly bodies. It is perfect for camping, staying out for the night, or if you're just plain curious! By simply pointing your device at the sky, Sky Maps will show you what lies ahead, including constellations and its stars. You can find planets and even the Sun (although it is obvious) and much much more! If you are curious, then get it now from the Android Market.

Friday, July 8

App of the Day: PapiJump

The classic jumping game has made a phenomenal hit in the mobile industry. Control Papi has he continually jumps higher and higher from platform to platform. As you get to the top, the number of platforms start to diminish, and you are more likely to fall out and lose. This game takes a little practice, and you will be a PapiMaster soon enough. Get it now from the Android Market or the iTunes App Store!

Thursday, July 7

App Purchases in US Are Mostly Games

According to studies by Nielsen, app purchases are mostly game-related. On all the mobile platforms combined, about 64 percent of testers bought a game. The other popular apps were weather, social networking, and navigation related. So, Nielsen has concluded that people are mostly using their smartphones not for business, developing, or education, but for games!

App of the Day: Tuner - gStrings

You are a musician trying to tune your musical device, but you can't seem to get it right. If have you an Android device, you can simply use gStrings to get the correct pitch to make your musical instrument perfectly tuned. gStrings gives you the correct pitch you are looking for, and it makes the frustrating task of tuning a little less frustrating. Get it now from the Android Market!

Wednesday, July 6

App of the Day: Sketchbook Mobile

The ultimate painting tools are on the tips of your hands (literally) with Sketchbook Mobile, the professional-grade painting app that lets you become creative on-the-go! The app includes an intuitive interface with everything hidden while you are focused, but when you need something new, the tools are ready to serve you. You don't need to worry about the accuracy or the touch screen because once you calibrate it, everything should work perfectly. If you are getting excited already, get it now from the Android Market!

Tuesday, July 5

App of the Day: Offi

Today's app of the day features a public transportation solution for many people who routinely use them. This "public transport buddy" lets you be in charge of your public transportation by giving you all the information you need for your transport service including: departure times, nearby stations, directions, a network map, and more!

Monday, July 4

App of the Day: Nyan Cat Game

If you haven't already heard, the Nyan Cat has become all the rage over the Internet. Simply put, it's a cut 8-bit animation of a cat with a pop-tart body that flies through space singing "Nyanyanyanyanyan!" Basically in the game version of the cat that has captured the imagination of people of all ages all over the world, you need to catch 500 stars for the kitty. If you haven't heard yet, the Nyan Cat is the word. Get it now from the Android Market!

Sunday, July 3

App of the Day: TapFish

Care for and own an endless amount of fish of all sorts with this virtual aquarium called TapFish. This app lets you take care of a tank of fish, where you feed, breed, and sell them to buy more fish! As you gain more money, you can buy even more exotic and rare fish that you can sometimes breed with others to get a surprise! Best of all,

Saturday, July 2

Facebook to Announce Video Chat Next Week (powered by Skype)

According to an anonymous source, Facebook will announce that it will be supporting video chat which will be powered by the voIP powerhouse itself, Skype. It will be a browser-based app with an extra desktop component. This service is one long-awaited by many Facebook users, and it will surely be widely used when released. Mark Zuckerburg has sent out invites to his headquarters for a new "unknown" announcement from his team from Seattle. Now, since Skype is now owned under Microsoft, there are surely more exciting news planned out for the future.

App of the Day: Postagram

Today's app features one of the most creative and extremely practical ones in the mobile industry. Postagram features a new way to use those pictures in your social networking sites such as Facebook and Myspace. With Postagram, you can now have those pictures printed with its fast and cheap service! Essentially, you choose your pictures, customize the size, add a note, and have them printed by Postagram and sent to you within a few days. You only pay a measly sum of 99¢ for most pictures to get printed and sent to you!

Friday, July 1

App of the Day: Calorie Counter

It is essential to know the amount and the types of food you take every day in order to become aware of your health and well-being. Calorie Counter is a health app that calculates all the intakes of your day and gives you a total of all the different types of energy you have consumed, whether it being carbs, fat, or protein. It also gives you the calorie intake of the day, and tells you whether that is healthy or not depending