Saturday, May 14

App of the Day: Feedly

     This may be the biggest new RSS reader to come. Apart from being an Android app, it is also supported by various systems including Google Chrome, most internet browsers, iOS, and Blackberry. The greatest highlight of this app includes the many sources that are available at the beginning, giving new users a variety of reliable and relevant news. It is also possible to add your own topic, and Feedly will collect as much information about that keyword and make an entire page of information that pertains to your search. Everything that you saved will be available over all the compatible devices, which makes life much easier.

     The Android app gives a user-friendly interface in which different topics can be accessed by sliding to the left and right. The menu at the top lets you navigate anywhere you want with ease. The night and day mode helps save battery while adjusting to the environment. The app refreshes to your liking, while staying inactive so it isn't taking up memory. Feedly is just another news app, but it is more efficient and effective than anything I have ever seen. Get the app now from the Android Market.

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