Monday, May 23

App of the Day: PhoneMyPC

With PhoneMyPC, you can view and control your computer easily. You only need to create a username and password on your server, which you can get from the PhoneMyPC website, put in the information on the app, and you are set! This is the easiest way to access your computer from your Android device, which you can use your phone's keyboard to send letters to your computer and also use button as shortcut keys. Whether you are on a train or you are waiting for the doctor, this app allows you to use your computer as if you were there. The interface is very organized, and you can find all your actions on the start screen. If you have multiple computers, which you can, then it will display which computer you would like to control. Streaming the computer screen to your phone might take a lot of data depending on your resolution, but it is recommended to use a wifi connection instead of using your phone's data. Get the app now from the Android Market for $14.99!

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