Thursday, May 26

Google Introduces Google Wallet

It was announced today at the Google Event in New York City: Google Wallet makes a bang with never-before-seen features that are destined to make life easier. This new service by Google along with numerous other financial partners like MasterCard and CitiBank promise a new way of payment and exchanging of cash. No longer will you need coins, paper money, or even credit cards, Google says. Using your phone's NFC card (or an NFC sticker if your phone does not yet have one), you can simply scan that card onto a reader to make a payment. The PayPass contactless payment system has yet to be fully released to public merchants, but trials are starting in New York City and San Francisco. This prospect does seem quite achievable, but we will have to wait until Google releases further news, stay tuned this upcoming summer for a Paypass reader near you.

Source: Google Wallet

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