Wednesday, June 8

App of the Day: Fruit Ninja

Ever since it first came out in April of 2010, Fruit Ninja has been a hit across all its platforms. Created by Halfbrick Studios, this game is highly addictive and always competitive. Essentially, you are the fruit ninja, whose job is to cut all the fruit that appear on the screen. They are thrown up by some mysterious force, and once it appears, you slice it! The only thing you should mind is an occasional bomb that comes ticking up; slicing that leads you to game over. It is made to appeal to all age groups, from the young toddler to the old and elderly. By gaining rewards and playing more, you can unlock fun stuff including different colored swords and achievements. If you've not played this before, you're truly missing out on what your friends are spending their time on. Get it now from the Android Market or the iTunes App Store!

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