Saturday, June 11

App of the Day: Robotek HD

Hexage once again brings a whole new world of mobile gaming full of the best graphics around. In Robotek, the world has been taken over by robots, forming a new rule, but a small group of humans are determined to bring it back. You essentially play by taking turns attacking each other with small robots on your side. Every turn, you take your chance with three random slots, and there are three modes of gameplay, summon, defense, and ability. I have to say, though, that this game is rigged. The computer will often roll triples, which causes them to get an extra turn, and you will end up losing even when it seems like you are winning. It is very unfair, and the only way to finish the game is to pay to play some more. But the graphics are stunning and it is a very enjoyable experience for a while. If you are looking for high graphics, then look no further and get Robotek now from the Android Market!


  1. I have to pretty much agree with your review. Robotek is blatantly rigged, otherwise it would be an awesome game. I love the graphics, as well as just the general idea of the game. Too bad the devs at Hexage had to be so pathetic and lame.

  2. Yes, but there is a workaround! When you are on the verge of losing, simply go switch to a task manager and kill the app, then restart it. You should find yourself back where you were!