Sunday, June 12

App of the Day: Soundhound

If you hear a song during your first kiss, but you do not know what it was called, you may be in big trouble. Fortunately, Soundhound is a miracle app that can find any song in the world. Whether you hum it, mumble the lyrics, or tap the rhythm, Soundhound can detect whatever you want flawlessly. In less than 10 seconds, Soundhound will give you all the information you could ever want about the song, its artist, album, and musics videos of it. After that, you may want to share it with your folks, so Soundhound can let you share it via e-mail,text, or bluetooth. If a song randomly pops up on the radio and you are curious, but you dont have time, the Soundhound widget may save your behind. When you are in the car and open up the app, your Android device can record via the widget which is on your homescreen (sorry iOS devices). Get this app now from the Android Market or the iTunes App Store.

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