Saturday, July 2

App of the Day: Postagram

Today's app features one of the most creative and extremely practical ones in the mobile industry. Postagram features a new way to use those pictures in your social networking sites such as Facebook and Myspace. With Postagram, you can now have those pictures printed with its fast and cheap service! Essentially, you choose your pictures, customize the size, add a note, and have them printed by Postagram and sent to you within a few days. You only pay a measly sum of 99¢ for most pictures to get printed and sent to you! This revolutionary app can be a great gift for your folks, and you do not need to worry about the payment or shipment, because Postagram's efficient service gets your pictures where you want them ASAP. The hassle-free easy-for-you postal pictures app is now ready to serve you. Get it now from the Android Market or the iTunes App Store!

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