Friday, July 1

App of the Day: Calorie Counter

It is essential to know the amount and the types of food you take every day in order to become aware of your health and well-being. Calorie Counter is a health app that calculates all the intakes of your day and gives you a total of all the different types of energy you have consumed, whether it being carbs, fat, or protein. It also gives you the calorie intake of the day, and tells you whether that is healthy or not depending
on your physical features. Calorie Counter also has a whole database of common restaurant and off-the-counter foods that you can find more information on, including how much calories it has and its ingredients. You can use these as a reference to your daily intake, as well, making your total intake calculations much more easier to calculate every day. The clean, smooth interface of the app really does encourage users to come back and use it every day. You can take better care of your health now by getting Calorie Counter from the Android Market or the iTunes App Store!

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